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Waveshell Vst 9 Taringa




I installed the plugins through the "Uninstall old plugins" on the "Pulse Audio Settings". Taringa is working well but I am getting strange noises. These noises are only present when I use Vienna Ensemble. When I use other audio programs like Audacity or my own plugin, there are no noises. Also, the noises are on all tracks (No, only when using Vienna Ensemble Pro). The modulators with effects I have tried are: Waveshell Vst 9, Taringa (Vol & delay), Plogue Waves & Wefts (Phasor & Space). My own VST plugin modulator is Acustica. I have a Waveshell Nova 2, I also used Waveshell Nova 3 for the modulation. The NOVA3 has no problems in the Studio and I tried running Vienna Ensemble Pro without problems from the NOVA3. Hi Jerry. I can't help you on this one but it sounds like you might have hit on something. I have also had the same problem you're describing, where Vienna would throw a static on a track, when the settings are similar to what you've listed. The plugin I was having problems with was Octopus' CSV-32. I was able to recreate the problem with a VST plugin if you pass the audio to Vienna via a VST plugin instead of VST's own built-in player. If you are using the cs_v32 plugin try changing the Audio Transport Type to ALSA or ASIO (for Windows) in the cs_v32 plugin, this should eliminate Vienna's static noise problem. You may have to run Vienna through a VST debugger, to see if that helps. If you use the cs_v32 plugin, do you have audio dither enabled in the plugin? You can turn it on and off in the cs_v32 plugin settings dialog. I don't have a solution for you, but if you post your settings and the problem, maybe someone here can help. If you would like to use the cs_v32 plugin and you're using a Windows 64-bit PC, be sure to download the latest release from VSTeXchange. If you would like to use the cs_v32 plugin and you're using a Windows 64-




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